• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    About MRI

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a commonly used, powerful tool in nearly all areas of medicine. It uses magnetism and radio waves to produce clear pictures of organs and other structures in the body. MRIs often show more in-depth results compared to other tests such as x-rays and ultrasounds. During a MRI, you’ll enter a large scanner. At AADI, we have both “open” and “closed” scanners. While open scanners don’t have enclosed sides and give you more space and comfort, closed scanners produce better images of certain body parts.

    The AADI difference

    • With us, you get more accurate results and a shorter exam time. We’re the only MRI site in Anne Arundel County to offer the most advanced MRI technology with the most powerful magnet commercially available. This magnet produces detailed images to ensure a more accurate diagnosis.
    • Our system can also capture images even with slight movements, making it easier for children and those who can’t stay perfectly still due to medical conditions. Most MRIs require you to stay still in order to capture images.
    • Our scanner’s wide design gives you a more relaxing experience. We can also perform many MRIs with your head outside the scanner for optimal comfort.

    How to prepare

    Before your exam, you’ll fill out a screening form to ensure it’s safe for you to have a MRI. Some people, like those with a metal implant or pacemaker, cannot receive this test. Both metal and radio waves can interfere with the MRI scanner.