During and After Visit
  • What to Expect During and After Your ER Visit 

    At the Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center Emergency Room you’re greeted by an experienced and compassionate care team. And the more they know about you, the faster they can treat you. They’ll ask you the basics, like your name, birth date, medical history and the reason for your visit. Then they’ll take your vital signs and decide on the next step.

    We use a process called triage to carefully prioritize patients. Triage is not a first-come, first-served system. Our most urgent patients come first. They are the ones with time-sensitive or life-threatening conditions. This might mean someone who arrives after you may receive care before you. It’s important to understand why you might wait in the ER. 

    Triage makes a lifesaving difference if you’re experiencing a serious emergency, like a heart attacks or stroke. If you do need to wait, we do everything in our power to make you comfortable and relieve your pain.

    Treatment Regardless of Health Insurance 

    The Luminis Health ER sees all patients, regardless of whether you have health insurance. If you are a self-pay patient, we can connect you to government programs that may help with your health care costs. And our billing department can work with you on payment plans. Don’t let your ability to pay keep you from seeking the emergency care you need. 

    Gather Important Information in Advance 

    Keep an information card in your wallet or purse to help ease your mind and streamline your ER check-in.

    Be sure to include: 

    • A list of your medications and any drug allergies 
    • The name and number of your primary care physician 
    • Your advanced directives, like powers of attorney and the name of your health care proxy
    • Some mobile phones offer a Medical ID feature where you store this information, and your care team can access it even if your phone is locked. This is especially helpful if you’re unable to talk when you arrive.

    After your ER Visit

    After your Emergency Room visit, we’ll either release you from the hospital or move you to another floor for more treatment. Depending on the nature of your condition or injury, we may refer you to a specialist for follow-up care. We’ll make sure you have the directions you need to recover from your emergency and take control of your health.