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    When you feel better, we know we’ve done our job. From professional athletes to people who just want to get back to their daily lives without pain, our patients share their stories.

    Meet Alma

    Alma Adams beat cancer but was left with debilitating knee pain. A successful hip replacement has empowered her to continue her life’s passion: working with kids as a crossing guard.

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    Meet Campbell

    When fourth grader Campbell Goodburn broke her ankle, her mom wanted the very best care — Campbell just wanted to get back to swimming and dancing as quickly as possible.

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    Meet Donny

    After firefighter Donny Fletcher injured his shoulder on the job, tests at AAMC Orthopedics revealed a full labrum tear of the shoulder. Today, he feels stronger than ever.

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    Meet Nyme

    Nyme Mann tore his ACL, PCL and LCL while playing football for Bowie State University. His surgeon, Daniel Redziniak, MD, helped him come back to the game even stronger.

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    Meet Doug

    Injuries and a lifetime of high-impact sports left Doug Herman, 58, with significant knee damage and arthritis. Yet this competitive athlete maintains peak performance by varying his exercise routine and working closely with the orthopedic specialists at Anne Arundel Medical Center to help protect and preserve his knees. 

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    Meet Hope

    Hope Lomvardias, a 17-year-old Archbishop Spalding junior, was excitedly touring colleges around the Northeast in preparation for applying. However, during the long car trips, she started experiencing intense low back pain, as well as leg pain and numbness. And, after numerous setbacks, Hope thought she was out of options. But with help from the orthopedic surgeons at Anne Arundel Medical Center, Hope is back at it.

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