Child Life Specialists
  • Child Life Specialists

    Chances are if you come to our pediatric unit or emergency room, our child life specialists will be some of the first people to greet you and your family. We believe they play an important role in your child’s health care by turning what may be scary and unknown into a happier learning experience.

    What is a child life specialist?

    Child life specialists are educated professionals with credentials from the Child Life Council. With backgrounds in child development and psychology, they use many different methods to help kids — from infants to teens — manage stress and cope with medical procedures and hospital stays. Whether it’s showing children medical tools, demonstrating a procedure on a doll, or explaining what they will see, hear and smell, our specialists help ward off feelings of fear, confusion and isolation. Above all, they help children to cope and heal, and ensure life remains as normal as possible while in the hospital.

    What services do child life specialists provide?

    • Help meet the unique emotional, developmental and cultural needs of each child and their family
    • Prepare children for medical procedures or treatment using child-friendly language
    • Use coping methods to reduce anxiety and enhance children’s relationships with their health care team
    • Provide support and distraction during medical procedures
    • Promote family-centered care by offering information, advocacy and guidance

    To reach our Child Life Department, call 443-481-6334.

    Child Life Practicum

    No Child Life practicum offered at this time
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