• Low-Fat Food Choices

    Healthy Choices Lead to Success

    Food labels can help you find healthy, low-fat options. Navigating the terms, serving sizes and percentages, however, can be confusing. When it comes to finding a low-fat option, there’s just one number to keep in mind: 30 percent.

    The ratio between grams of total fat and calories should be 30 percent or less. For example, if the total fat is three grams, the food must have 90 calories or more for it to be considered a low-fat food. (Only 30 percent of calories come from fat.)

    Here’s a quick equation you can do next time you’re at the grocery store looking for a low-fat food:

    • Multiply the total number of fat grams by 3 (3x3=9)
    • Add a zero after that total (90)

    The food you’re considering should have at least 90 calories to be low-fat.

    Tips for Finding Low Fat Foods

    There are other simple tips to keep in mind besides doing math on the go. When you’re looking for a healthy food choice, consider the following:

    • Pay attention and eat only the suggested serving size.
    • Look for words such as: light, lean, extra lean and low-fat on the label.
    • Eat more fresh foods than processed foods.
    • Saturated fat should not exceed two grams per serving.
    • Trans fats should not exceed one gram per serving.

    Low-Fat Food Chart

    Review the following chart to get an even better idea of how to find low-fat foods:

    Total fat grams   Number of calories 
     2  60
     3  90
     4  120
     5  125
     6  180
     7  210
     8  240
     9  270
     10  300
     11  330
     12  360
     13  390
     14  420
     15  450