• Family Support Programs

    At Pathways, we believe family involvement is vital to the recovery process. That’s why all of our treatment programs include a family component.

    Family Sessions for Inpatient Programs

    For those staying overnight at Pathways, they will meet once with their family members and a counselor to discuss treatment and next steps. As patients share their recovery plan, family members learn new ways to support their loved ones. Families may schedule more sessions as needed and helpful for treatment.

    Families of Adult Patients

    We invite adult family members to learn more about addiction and recovery. Held weekly, the 30- or 60-minute educational group sessions covers family communication, stress management, enabling, codependency issues relating to mental health issues and much more.

    Family Wellness Workshops

    We also offer a therapy-based education program for families. Family members of patients struggling with drug use, alcohol use, or both substance use and mental health problems are welcome. Through group therapy, teaching sessions and chances for personal growth, families will:

    • Learn about addiction, substance use and co-occurring mental health issues, as well as ways to prevent relapse.
    • Assess stages of recovery for family members.
    • Learn how to best communicate, cope and set boundaries.
    • Participate in adventure therapy to increase self-awareness and behavior changes important to the recovery process.
    • Develop supportive friendships with other families.

    Call 410-573-5454 for upcoming dates and more information or online for a Family Wellness Workshop.