• Treatment Programs

    At Pathways, we believe every journey to recovery is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatment programs to fit each one. From drug rehab and alcohol treatment plans to mental health assessments, you get the care that's best for your needs. We offer:

    Our Treatment Model

    We believe drug and alcohol addiction are progressive yet treatable illnesses. We use expert, compassionate care, strong family involvement, teaching, and a 12-step-based approach for ongoing treatment and support. Our programs aim to help each person attain the physical, emotional and social tools that light their path to a fulfilling and lasting recovery.

    We also aim to identify mental health issues early, since these issues can worsen addiction. Treating these issues helps us provide holistic care and get people on the path to full, lasting recovery.

    Patient- and Family-Centered Approach

    Our treatment programs help people regain self-respect through becoming drug- and alcohol-free. We look for ways to identify and nurture special talents in each person and in every treatment setting, from the classroom and the gym, to the small group meetings and adventure therapy sessions.

    Pathways also aims to restore trust and hope in family members. Nearly all of our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs involve family members when possible. Family therapy helps mend rifts or emotional wounds that are a common by-product of addiction.

    Personal Treatment Teams

    At Pathways, every person has a team that creates and oversees a comprehensive, custom drug rehab and/or alcohol treatment plan. The team includes a:

    • Psychiatrist
    • Nursing coordinator
    • Clinical team leader
    • Mental health clinician
    • Registered nurse(s)
    • Lead clinical counselor
    • Primary case manager
    • Intake counselor
    • Family therapist
    • Adventure therapist
    • Certified teacher

    Only nurses, physician assistants and doctors who specialize in substance abuse and mental health treatment give medical care.

    Is Pathways Right for You or Your Loved One?

    If you think Pathways can help you or a loved one, our certified addiction counselors will meet with you to choose the best level of care. We’ll recommend a plan for treatment based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines.

    Patients are referred to Pathways by health care providers, family members, educators, alumni, state and local agencies, etc. To refer patients, or to request an assessment, call Pathways at 410-573-5400 or at 800-322-5858.