• Mental Health & Substance Use

    At Pathways, we understand mental health and substance use issues often overlap. Oftentimes people know they need help for an addiction, but don’t realize another mental health issue may be making things worse. But these co-occurring conditions can fuel drug or alcohol dependence. That’s why we focus on identifying mental health issues early to help the recovery journey.

    Our mental health clinicians are part of our complete team of experts. When needed, they become a vital part of our treatment programs to create better outcomes for those dealing with more than one issue.

    In Spring 2020, we opened the J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center, which shares a campus with Pathways to offer comprehensive and integrated mental health care at a single location.

    Our full range of mental health services includes:

    • Our Psychiatric Day Hospital, a psychiatric partial hospitalization program.
    • Coordinated care with other local treatment and support services.
    • Inpatient mental health care.
    • Intensive outpatient programs.
    • Residential and outpatient substance use services.