• Care Team

    When you stay at the hospital, your care team expands to include many different types of specialists. Your doctor and nurses take charge of your care, but at times you may work with other professionals.

      While these specialists all have different roles in your care, each one is equally dedicated to your health and wellness.

    • Hospitalists

      A hospitalist is part of a team of doctors who specialize in caring for you while you’re in the hospital. Having hospitalists on staff means that doctors who specialize in inpatient medicine are in rotation 24/7. Hospitalists direct and coordinate your care, but always stay in contact with your primary care doctor about your health. To speak with your hospitalist, ask your nurse or call 443-481-1000 between 9:30 am and 5 pm.

      Please note that according to state and federal requirements, we must bill you separately for any hospitalist services. The charge will come under the name Anne Arundel Clinical Services, Inc. If you have questions about billing, call our Financial Counselors at 443-481-6500.


      All of our anesthesiologists are board certified physicians dedicated to keeping you safe and comfortable during surgery. They monitor and control your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and oxygen levels, and help manage any potential medical problems that may arise during your procedure.

      Social Workers

      Social workers offer counseling and other services while you or a family member are in the hospital. After you leave the hospital, they can also help arrange continued help at home. Social workers can provide:

      • Financial help with insurance and issues paying for care.
      • Guidance about communicating with children, family and employers regarding illness.
      • Help with completing advance directives.
      • Referrals to community resources, such as support groups, financial assistance programs and long-term counseling.
      • Supportive counseling.
    • Interpreters

      Clear communication is essential to give you and your family the best care possible. All interpretation services are free. If you need an interpreter, call 443-481-3801 or ask a hospital staff member.

    • We offer Spanish interpreters 24/7, sign language interpreters and interpreters for more than 250 other languages, including:

      • Arabic
      • Burmese
      • Cantonese
      • Farsi
      • Haitian Creole
      • Hindi
      • Hmong
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Mandarin
      • Polish
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Somali
      • Tagalog
      • Vietnamese

    • Speak with your caregiver if you need interpretation services.

    • Advocates

      Patient Advocates are here to support you and find quick solutions to any issues you may experience while you’re in our care. They offer extra care beyond your medical team. Patient Advocates can:

      • Answer questions or concerns about hospital services and policies.
      • Get access to language interpreters, including sign language.
      • Help with advance directive forms for health care decision-making.
      • Provide information about travel assistance, such as local lodging.
      • Share your compliments or suggestions with the appropriate people.

      Call our Patient Advocacy team at 443-481-6890, 7 days a week from 9 am – 5:30 pm.

    • Residents

      Resident physicians work under the direction of an attending physician. They are licensed to practice medicine and hold a medical degree (MD) from a four-year medical school. At AAMC, we’re proud to have residents on staff to provide even more layers of care and support for you and your loved ones. With our resident program, we’re doing our part to build a future of well-trained, talented doctors.